Privately owned company that provides complete end of life planning and resolutions that includes:

• Legal document creation and other important documents

• Advance Directive Planning

• Funeral Planning and Etiquette

• Burial Planning (includes: Choosing music, Writing Eulogies, and Custody of pets after death)

• Financial Planning

• Health care and Case Management including Basic Psychological Services

• Storage for documents, photos, and Last letters to loved ones

• Retirement Planning

• Community and Educational Resources

• Children's Resources

• Learning Materials

• Checklists

• End of life courses and Training

• Support Networks,

• Emotional Support Advocacy (includes: Religious and Spiritual Support)

• Commemorations

• Assistance with online accounts

• Social media, and Various other client needs.


217 Childress Dr.,
Ronda, NC 28670
Phone: 336-818-8009