this is our story

Fairewell is a private organization with a mission to educate, advocate, and assist Americans with making high quality educated, well informed decisions about their health and well-being before and at the end of their life. We aim to ensure high quality care is received while emphasizing dignity, freedom, and autonomy. We are honored to have helped thousands of individuals and their families cope and adapt to serious illness as well as educate, plan, and make important end of life decisions. Our primary goal is to make the death and dying transition as comfortable, peaceful, and tranquil as possible. We aim to ensure everyone receives sufficient information and insight to make the experience as doubt free, afterthought free, and regretless as humanly possible while adhering to the standards, laws, and customs of current society.


217 Childress Dr.,
Ronda, NC 28670
Phone: 336-818-8009
Email: carla.fairewell@gmail.comĀ